Ngaoundéré: MINSEP, to Inaugurate Parcours Vita

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Moulle Kombi has visited the Adamawa region- Ngaoundéré, to inaugurated the Parcours Vita Route, whose realization efforts comes from MINDEF.

The Inauguration of the Parcours Vita route of Ngaoundéré, is of the realization of MINDEF, an edifice which was handed to the population of Adamawa during a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education in the company of the Director of Military Engineering project owner of the architectural gem.

Established on 40 hectares of land with a perimeter of 4.5 kilometers. The presence of Mount Ngaoundéré, the main tourist factor in the area, makes it unique.
The Parcours Vita de Ngaoundéré "is a great achievement" by the Ministry of Defense (Mindef). It is within the framework of the program for the construction of mass sports infrastructure, that the Military Engineers, on the High Instructions of the Head of State, President Paul Biya received the mission of carrying out the Ngaoundéré Vita Course. 

The Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo made sure that the work was carried out at 100% execution and led by the Project Manager Colonel Jackson KAMGAIN.

To ensure success, the project manager carried out three technical visits to the field which confirms, "the grandeur" of the Parcours Vita in Ngaoundéré. 

The Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo, express satisfaction, appreciating the team who who led the project instructed by the Head of State, Paul Biya.

 The work carried out is as follows: A 3.5 km fence; A 2000-meter gravel track; In terms of buildings, there is 1 police station, 01 administrative building and infirmary, 1 merchant corner and 1 toilet block. There is also a children's play area; 20 Obstacles and workshops carried out along the course, playgrounds for collective sports, car parks, roads and various networks, about 3,500 meters long.

The fence of the Parcours Vita Ngaoundéré has an average height of 2.5 meters with a base of 1 meter. The structure consists of posts; police station with an identification room, an office, a room for guards, and a toilet. A staircase is provided to access the roof, on which there is a viewpoint; The administrative building and an infirmary, housing, a meeting room, multipurpose room, an infirmary, a massage room, modern offices and toilet blocks, 02 refectories, stalls for traders, 02 stores and toilets make up this panel.

All of these contain sanitary equipment, the children's play area is made up of rides and other fun facilities. As for the obstacles, there are around twenty obstacles and workshops spread out along the 2,000-meter track.

There are also playgrounds for team sports and car parks. A borehole equipped with an electric pump is carried out to ensure the supply of drinking water with a plastic tarpaulin with a capacity of 6000 liters. 

Modern septic tanks are also being built, covered with a reinforced concrete slab dosed at 350 kg / m3 and 10 cm thick, and sumps for each building. 

Channels of various sections, in reinforced concrete, have been laid all around each building across the track and along the internal traffic lanes of the course, in order to ensure better sanitation. The 2,000 meter long track has been graveled.

Colonel JACKSON KAMGAIN, patron of military engineering, applies the high directives of the Head of State, Chief of the Armed Forces.

It should be noted that the Parcours Vita edifice in Ngaoundéré is the 4th of its kind carried out by the Military Engineers on High Instructions from the Head of State, Chief of the Armed Forces. After the Vita Routes of Douala, Yaoundé and Bamenda.

 The people of Ngaoundéré are just waiting for the inauguration of their Vita Trail to officially say thank you to the Head of State.

By katakap Héritier
Adamawa Correspondent


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