Ngaoundéré: Awareness Meeting holds on Goods' Tariff Transportation

A consensus held in Ngaoundéré, capital of the Water Tower Region on the floor/ minimal tariff for the transportation of goods into the Hinterlands.

"With a thousand great remedies, we will fight the phenomenon of false license plates and many others to save the profession already in danger", Member of the Transport Syndicate IBRAHIMA YAYA.

The work of the proceedings room of the urban community of Ngaoundéré is an initiative of socio-professional organizations of road transporters in Cameroon. Key Stakeholders, Participants present for brainstorming and exchanges revealed the difficulties faced by buisness men and women, vis-a-vis transporters in the course of getting their goods or finished products to buyers/consumers.

Banditry, thievery, extortion has been recorded by some road users in the course of transporting goods, which is one of the main reasons why the meeting was conveyed to ameliorate the situation.

By katakap Héritier
Adamawa correspondent


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