Malomba Esembe Pays Tribute to Former PC Moderator

Malomba Esembe MP for Buea Urban Constituency, Elder of PC Bokwaongo and
Member of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon, recount his encouter with the Former PCC Moderator.

```How can I forget this testimony I shared with him and some of my close ones:

"His aura and grace on the day of his induction circa 2000 at our school field in PCSS Buea while I was a form 5 student marveled me to naively declare to myself that I would want to become a moderator. Innocently I thought it was a profession like any other.

The high point of my wonderment that day was the procession of clergy from the synod office along the road to Buea Town, to the PCSS campus.

Tens of PCC pastors clad in black cassocks and red stoles solemnly filed past in two columns, to the tune of a marching parade song (I guess it was Pachelbel’s Canon in D) and at the end of the queue was the man - the about-to-become Rt. Rev. Nyansako-ni-Nku. His build, posture, steps and charisma were entrancing.
It was an awe moment for me, one I’ll never forget.

So great was my admiration for him that I adopted the design of his beard and still keep it.

When in one of our earliest one-on-ones, he explained to me the relevance of indigenous names to our identity, emancipation and desired emergence as Africans, telling me why he abandoned Princewill to keep the signature, *Nyansako-ni-Nku*; I too dropped the first name some of you knew and officially adopted Malomba Esembe (Malomba M’Erzembe).

And what’s more as I started having children of my own (and fortunately with the consent of my wife) we gave them indigenous names exclusively.

I remember how I changed my schedule so many times in his post moderator years, just because I heard he was to preach at a church service. I even remember once I was dressed up for service on a Sunday morning and as I was about step out for church I got an announcement on TV that he was to deliver the sermon at a PC day event at the Yaounde _Palais des Sports_ which was being relayed live on Crtv, I sat down and that was my service for the day.

I count it a big blessing that he adopted me, frequently counseled, encouraged and prayed for me, especially in the past one year that I’ve had the privilege to serve as a national representative.

Few months ago when I met with him and aunty Mbong (his virtuous wife) at mummy Eliza Ekume’s in Buea, I was humbled that with all his personal challenges especially health-wise he was fully apprised of my activities. As usual he blessed.

March 2, 2021 at the court yard of the Buea Council was the last encounter. It was the fellowship meal after the funeral service for grandma Olivia Kangsen, his mother in law. When I walked up to greet him before leaving (I was travelling back to Yaounde for work) he smiled and with a voice that had become faint with age and illness he, said ‘let us pray’.

*”And the net was not torn”* (Jn 21:11) is the theme of a great sermon he once preached which centered on inclusiveness. Years on, it inspired and informed the mantra of my political thought - *Na We We*. ""

Adieu Moderator

By Ndefru Mélanie

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