Mayor of Belo Council Embarks on "Making Belo Great Again"

Mayor of Belo Council in Session

That is the Slogan adopted by Mayor Ngong Innocent Ankiambom, Mayor of Belo Council in Boyo Division, during the council's Administrative account session to show proof that Councilors and Council staff have interest in reviving the once vibrant Belo Community.

"We have Security challenges in Belo but we have to move ahead, we are going to build Belo again, we are doing everything to bring back Belo to its greatness" Mayor of Belo Council.

The Mayor is interested in reviving the Education sector; bringing back old memories of St. Bedes College Ashing, BCHS, KCHS and the Mbingo Baptist hospital; as he reveals the place brought so many tourists and patients to Belo.

"It made Belo an economic hub, not forgetting football competitions. We should work to bring back the education we long cherished because Belo is nothing without education, we don't have minerals, no sea, no petroleum, no forest. All we have are human resources which we must train for our own good".

Belo Mayor together with other stakeholders

The Mayor told press that alot is being done for school to reopen in Belo, as he continues to make appeals to Parents and stakeholders in Belo sub division to put hands on deck to realize this.

"From last year, we have realized more than 300% back to school and now we are making efforts for school resumption to be more effective with other academic institutions reopening. Parents keep knocking on our doors, we are asking everyone to put hands on deck to make this possible" Mayor of Belo Council.

Inline with the slogan, the Mayor mentioned some of the projects realized by the council, while recognizing efforts of the administration and councilors who mobilized themselves to ensure that some projects recorded a success and others are of near execution.

Revenue stands at 388,920,850 frs cfa and Expenditure at 321,074,863 frs cfa, with a foward balance of 67,845,987 frs Cfa. The  Mayor made a request, asking Councilors to give him latitude to recruit a driver, a necessity service to begin from May 1st 2021.

"In terms of project we have realized 2 big bridges, with the 3rd bridge at 80% execution rate. We are also doing some road construction; 2 roads have been constructed and we are now working on the road from the market to Ashu"

"As for electricity, we have extended electricity to Menchum and we plan to extend it to Fungom, built water catchment in some places in Belo and will have pipo borne water established in other areas. For schools, we are constructing and will ensure school resumes fully in Belo" Mayor of Belo Council.

The MUWA Bridge linking KITCHU and Njinikejem villages,completed. The Council is Opening of the CHUABU-ANJIN TO IJIM farm to market road through the intensive labour approach.

Feasibility studies for the rehabilitation of the TUMUKU water catchment has been done and the Construction of temporal bridges to ease movement after heavy rains is ongoing, as heavy rain water washed away most bridges in Belo.

Support to the community of mbingo with a phase transformation as the single phase could not supply the needed energy. The SOWI-JUAMBUM bridge is under construction.

Feasibility studies for the rehabilitation of the Belo giant water scheme is underway, while phase one sensitization on measures to fight COVID19 in Belo municipality is ongoing.

Opening of the CHUABU-ANJIN TO IJIM farm to market road through the intensive labour approach

While the Council continues with the cleaning of some public places in Belo, the Mayor pleaded with everyone to play the role of urging many Indegenes of the place to return home, considering how difficult the situation of a displaced person can be.

Asking all to be collaborative and accept projects that will come to Belo Subdivision to make it a better place, as the Northwest region will gradually be turned to a full project/construction site this 2021, by the Head of State, Président Paul Biya.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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