CHAMECC Tells Government to Adopt Peacebuilding Initiatives, to end Armed Conflict

Charles Nji, CEO of Charmers Media and Communication Consultancy (CHAMECC) has urged government, after doing a survey analysis on the impact of the Anglophone crisis on the common man, to be asssertive in developing Peacebuilding Initiatives to end the armed conflict which has greatly affected women and youths.

"The survey has brought out findings that women and youths are most victimized in the course of the ongoing crisis in the Northwest region, Government will have to adopt Peace Building initiatives involving Women and Youths, in order to resolve the crisis" CHAMECC.

Journalists within the Northwest region, attended the workshop, centered arround bringing out findings on the effects of the crisis on the average man and the survey proved that, Women and Youths are the most victimized throughout the socio-political unrest, turned an armed conflict

Charmers Media and communication consults (CHAMECC) organized the workshop targeting the peoole living in Bamenda I, II and III, including those who have moved to other regions and those who have moved to different parts within the Northwest region, due to the crisis. 

The ongoing armed conflict has caused many academic institutions to shutdown, with the abscence of a client flow in the education sector, most youths have migrate to other regions in search of safe grounds, while others are becoming victims of drug and physical abuse on a daily basis, perpetrating high crime wave and others join armed groups.

The survey sought to know the opinion of the local man and to make suggestions on how such a workshop can surface their worries or aspirations, given that Hierachy in government certainly don't get concrete report on lock realities.

"There is need for government, CSOs and the Media to reveal the suffering, improve on the situation of the common man. Since the crisis started in 2016, the man at the grassroots has suffered much and those who are suppose to give concrete information to the government are rather doing the contrary"

"We hope this survey will be used by those who will knock on the right doors, to give realistic information so that it serves to our advantage" CEO CHAMECC, Charles Nji.

Amongst other recommendations, CSOs were also urged to synergize themselves and bring up Peacebuilding Projects to improve on the living conditions of the masses.

By Bamenjo Petronilla


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