COMINSUD makes a Clarion Call; Asking Youths to Refrain from Joining Armed Groups

After examining the effects of the armed conflict on the common man, COMINSUD- Community Initiative for Sustainable Development has decided to discuss the push factors that send young lads into armed groups, which has so far increased crime wave.

Being one of those NGOs committed in stimulating changes within communities that leads to improvement of quality of life for all people, over 50 persons from different segments of the society have come together to discuss ways in which youths can be prevented from being involved with drugs, destruction, looting.

Given the armed conflict in the Northwest region, COMINSUD with the support of  Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung), implementingbi a Project "Security for all: Promoting Democratic Governance and Inclusive Security through CSO involvement in the wider Ecowas region.

Done under the theme; "Eliminating Extremist Amongst Youths for a Safer, Secures and Non-violent Northwest region", the project offers opportunities to persons from crisis zones, involved with youth development to exchange and reflect on ways to reduce or eventually eliminate youth involvement in armed groups.

COMINSUD remains sensitive to changing times, while upholding strong ethical values, transparency, accountability and participation with respect to rights. That is why this time, their project focuses on the youths who form a greater percentage of the population.

Youths are the workforce needed for the growth of the economic, social circle of society. The crisis in the Northwest region has caused many to migrate, some radicalized to join armed groups, given the prolonged closed of educational facilities.

"Children have been exposed to drug and physical abuse, labor, some turned street children, some abandoned and others have joined armed groups. With no immediate solution to these problems, the frequent ghost towns and shut down on activities, youths fall prey to the dangers caused by the armed conflict" Ressource person.

Fon Nsoh Michael is a founding member and works in COMINSUD and was a facilitator at the workshop, he is an implementing partner of this project and believes that, it is time for youths to embrace education and accept to get training in order to acquire Entrepreneurial skills, which will help their communities positively.

It is through such a workshop that COMINSUD will document all ideas suggested through brainstorming for reference. The work sessions went a long way to suggest strategies on how to prevent youths from joining armed groups.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung), is Germany's oldest organisation to promote democracy, political education, and promote students of outstanding intellectual abilities and personality.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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