Weh Youths Engage in Peace Building, through Sports Jamboree

Fentoh FC, Emerge winners

Youths in Weh, Fungom Subdivision in Menchum engaged themselves in a sport Jamboree to boost their moral and showcase talents, thanks to the chief  organizer- Publisher of the Municipal Updates Newspaper, Cham Victor, an Elite and Son of the soil.

Publisher of The Municipal Updates, Cham Victor. Elite and Son of the Soil, Weh

As part of contributing to nation building, a holiday sports Jamboree for peace and development was born in Weh, being an initiative of journalist and newspaper Publisher, Cham Victor Bama.

The event wrapped up in grand  style, as it was witnessed by local and administrative authorities. Noting that the football tournament had a huge crowd of football lovers present.

The trophy of the Cham Victor first edition holiday sports jamboree for peace and development was lifted by Fentoh FC who defeated Warriors FC to emerge champions.

Fentoh FC was winner of the first edition of the Cham Victor holiday sports jamboree, after they defeated Warriors FC at the finals in Weh, Fungom subdivision of Menchum- North West region.

The donor, Cham Victor Bama explained that the initiative was organized to keep youth busy during the long summer holidaysand was another way of boosting their moral, while showcasing football talents in Youths.

"The competition was aimed at keeping youths busy during the long summer holidays as well as promote peace, which serves as a unifier".

"The major aspect of social reinsertion was a major facet during the competition following recent social disorders. Some seven football teams took part at the competition while four did so for the handball games."

The Cash prizes worth over 500,000 frs cfa was shared amongst the glorious winners. While the entire cost of running the competition amounted to over a million francs CFA.

Cham Victor, the Donor and main organizer of this Tournament announced that a scholarship program will follow next this upcoming school year.

"The scholarship will involve pupils and students across Fungom subdivision of Menchum division" Cham Victor.

By Ndefru Melanie


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