Menchum North: Bafmeng,Weh Natives Empowered in Poultry Farming

Hon Kum John Nji with Traditional Ruler from his Constituency

Member of Parliament for Menchum North Constituency has empowered common Initiative youth groups withim his constituency with Day-old chicks, promoting poultry farming in the Agricultural sector.

According to him, empowering these natives in his area is a way of boosting their moral, given the challenges faced within a crisis context, including making ends meet in a crisis hit economy.

Chicks already in Weh sub-division, Menchum

"About 2500 day-old chicks, feed has been sent to Menchum North Constituency, with over 400 of these chicks arriving Weh and Bafmeng."

Chicks were shared to farmers in Weh ,Bafmeng and Lower Fungom, represented by one of the Fons from that area, While 400 chicks arrived Weh village in Fungom sub Division. 

"200 were received by a farmer from Bafmeng zone. Some internally displaced farmers in Bamenda also benefitted from the gesture.  In all 2500chicks were shared accompanied with feed." Kum John Nji, Menchum North.

Day-Old chicks In Bafmeng

The Ministry of Livestock and fisheries, through the Member of Parliament who lobbied for this project, supported this in order to support common initiative groups.

"The feed sent alongside the chicks is meant to sustain them for the first 3 weeks. The Materials sent are meant for Menchum North constituency."

"Considering that all the chicks couldn't be transported, about 400 of them have reached Weh and Bafmeng" Hon. Kum John Nji, MP Menchum North.
Partial Picture of Bad roads heading to Menchum Division

Though the nature of the roads are not very passable and good for the transportation of these day old chicks, taking them down will be done in phases so that all the chicks arrive their destination alive.

By Ndefru Melanie


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