COMINSUD Celebrates world Humanitarian Day under the theme "Humanitarians are not a target"

June 19 every year is dedicated for the commemoration of the world humanitarian day. This year's world humanitarian day is celebrated worldwide with the theme " The Human Race, The Global Challenge For Climate Action In Solidarity With The World's Most Vulnerable Population".

According to the organizations communication officer Tardzenyuy Cynthia, the year's theme came as a result of the severe climate rise that has gripped several countries across the world. Celebrating human race because human lives matter.

"Developing a humanitarian spirit and culture is not by working in a humanitarian organization. It's rather having an intuition, building the capacity and working hard everyday to be able to find yourself somewhere". Organization's Coordinator Mr Fon Nsoh.

"We are celebrating because there's a possibility to work in a difficult environment. Humanitarians Should not be the target", he added.

To Eric Zama a participant at the day's celebration, "coming together to talk about climate change, it shows how important it is because it affects s lot if people daily".

Most people ask the link between climate change and humanitarian response, and were made to understand that Humanitarian response is not all about conflict. When natural disasters occur and people loose lives and property, it triggers a humanitarian response where aid is given.

"A lot of people have fallen while serving humanity. As humanitarian workers, do your best, keep your dreams, and make them grow." Mr Fon.

The event provided an opportunity to remind volunteers, humanitarians about the principles of humanity, Independence, neutrality and impartiality.

By Fozao Vaniela

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