Youth Day 2022: Mounouna Foutsou Launches Youth Activities in Garoua

The official launch ceremony for the 2022 Youth Day events has taken place in Poli, a city in Garoua on February 1st 2022. launched under the theme "Youth and Voluntary Participation in the Major Challenges of Cameroon", the ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (Minjec), Mounouna Foutsou.

MINJEC was accompanied by other dignitaries including the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe and the Governor of the North region, Jean Abate Edi'i.

The Mayor of Poli Council, His Majesty Sadou Yaouba underlined in his welcome address the honor that is done to his Commune by hosting this ceremony in the context of the TotolEnergies 2021 African Cup of Nations.

Information has it that over 7000 people live in Poli city, with over 70% of the population representing youths. The council is said to have benefited from several government projects, including the financing of 35 youth projects to the tune of 32 million 600 by the PAJER-U or 40 projects to more than 18 million by the Pts-jeunes.

The Communal President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon (Cnjc) Mohaman Yaouba, thanked the Head of State, Paul Biya for the supervision of the Youth and to MINJEC who chose Poli, in Garoua for the launch.

He specified that this is the first time that the Youths of the locality met with members of government and affirmed that the progress in this supervision of young people is palpable through, the creation of the Cmpj, the establishment of the 1st Youth Municipal Council, the training of Community Mediators and bike riders.

Mohaman Yaouba called on young people to be more civic-minded, to respect institutions and those who embody it, to work for peace while make use of the Three year special youth plan provided by the state

For the national president of the Cnjc, Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, the theme of this 56th edition sufficiently testifies that" young people are capable of taking up the challenges that are imposed on them", and invited young people to make good use of all the support granted to them by the government.

The elite Hamidou Faniko while appreciating government efforts, claimed the construction and the equipment of the Delegation department of Faro and the CMPJ of Poli and Beka.

Several joints were noticeable during this ceremony; the delivery of certificates and kits to young community mediators (Mc) and motorcycle taxi drivers, the installation of the executive office of the Municipal Youth Council (Cmj) in Poli- Garoua, the presentation of the report of the family meeting between the sister communities of the North and North-West, in particular the Tchamba and the presentation of the support of the Pts-Jeunes, given to the beneficiaries of the day by the Divapj, Rhamatou Sadjo epse Moluh.

Support items consist of tillers, motor pumps, tricycles and safety helmets, tablets, bags of fertilizer, feeders, rakes, machetes, wheelbarrows.

Poli in Garoua is a city of harmonious living together, historic city, whose soil and subsoil abound in important archaeological, mining, ecotourism, agropastoral and cultural resources. The soil is a treasure and a niche of wealth for the peoole and the Interest of young people in particular.

Communication Unit, MINJEC

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