Weh Gets Prolific Traditional Ruler

The people of Weh Village in Menchum Division of the North West Region now have a traditional ruler, Fon Mbuh II who was coronated on March 9 2022 in Weh.

The ceremony took place in two parts; first coordinated by notables and queen mothers of the village with right to traditionally transformed the Fon and the second part was chaired by the senior Divisional Officer for Menchum, Mr Abdoullahi Aliou.

Weh is a second class stool.
The crowd pulling ceremony was graced with the historic address of the paramount Ruler who for the first time in his new capacity thanked the people of Weh for showing reverence to the throne.

Fon Mbuh II was until yesterday Known as, in his real names Nji Wuning Ache and his Succession name is Fon Mbuh II.

The new Traditional invited all sons and daughters of Weh to rise up above their personal differences and develop Weh.

Speaking on behalf of the Organising committee, Mr Akwa Patrick Kum Bong who is Board Chairman of CAMWATER, saluted the swift reaction of Weh people at home and abroad towards the coronation ceremony.

“Today marks a new dawn in Weh. It is a day thousands of Weh sons and daughters had dreamt to see, to live and to remember. It is a day that no one would ever want to erase in the annals of history in Weh. We have walked on good and troubled grounds to be able to arrive at what we are celebrating today, reason why we must not and should never take for granted, our renewed commitment to be united and peaceful in our own right."

"Today opens a new page in the Fondom and we are proud to be an active part of the success story. This is the lane which we, as children of one common origin, should work together to preserve and grow in. Let’s forgive and forget. Let our differences diminish and let love thrive again,” Akwa said.

To the new ruler of Weh, Akwa said,“ Royal Majesty, the Fon of Weh, You are now our eyes and ears. Our mediator before our ancestor, Our Almighty creator and public authorities. You have taken the challenge to lead us. We assure you of our constant support and collaboration to enable you realize your dream for Weh.".

"To all the technicians of Weh, your determination and steadfastness to realize key projects to this state, permitting us to be able to use them now, have not gone unnoticed."

In his inaugural address, the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum described Fon Mbuh II as a square peg in a square hole. With a rich CV and worth of experience, the SDO assured Weh people that the village will never be the same again.

About the new Fon

About the Fon of Weh:
NJI WUNING ACHE was born on the 3rd November, 1984 in Weh, Menchum Division of the North West Region. He is currently a PhD fellow in English Private Law in the University of Bamenda.

He obtained a Master in English Private Law from the same university and a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling.

Wuning graduated from the Higher Teacher Training College in Maroua and also holds a degree in Law & Political Science from the University of Dschang.

He won the FETZE KAMDEM Prize as the Best Graduating Student of the LLB Batch of 2007, of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Dschang.

He has a broad work experience as he served as Chief of Service for School Mapping & Counselling Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education for Momo, North West Region.

In 2019, he was chief of Service for School Mapping & Counselling at the Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education for Menchum, North West Region. Similarly in 2018, he was Statistician and School Mapping Officer at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for the North West.

He occupied the position of Interim Chief of Service for School Mapping and Counselling Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for the North West and later Statistician at Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for the North West.

He took charge of Extra-Curricular activities Service of School Mapping, Counselling & Extra-Curricular Activities Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for the North West.

At present, he is Technical Adviser; North West Association of Guidance Counsellors and Liaison Officer at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education North West for the follow up and Implementation of the North West Annual Anti-Corruption Plan.

The humble man served as Secretary of Regional Commission for Private Education North West.
Similarly he was Chairperson of the Prize Award Committee for National School Sport Games, FENASSCO ‘A’ GAMES in the North West Region.

Salient to recall that he occupied civic spaces where he involved in civil Society Engagement As Field Officer at Women in Alternative Action, WAA Cameroon.

This maverick served as Jurist and Research Officer; Ning & Co. Truth & Honesty Law Office Bamenda. Leadership and Administration in Weh Students Association. He has also taken Central stage when it comes to public talks, TV shows in fact he is just phenomenal.

He is a vector of change to emulate.
On his part, the President General of the Weh Cultural and Development Association, Mue Peter, noted that, “today we are not only celebrating the coronation of our new Fon but most importantly we are celebrating the new found love between ourselves and our motherland.

"Let us remember love is something very sweet but if you do not nurture and maintain it, it will become sour and bitter. The love we are all showing here today does not mean that our difference have all disappeared but it rather means that even our differences cannot stop us from loving one another."

"My plea to all of us today is to always remember that we are brothers and sisters at all times and in all circumstances. We may never have the same political ideologies, believes and value systems but we should show to the world that the love we have f or each other supersedes these differences. And yes we have proven that today, let us sustain this spirit.”

The ceremony brought together special dignitaries such as the Divisional Officer for Fungom Subdivision, Fons of Aghem, Esu among other traditional Rulers. The mayors of Wum, Zhoa, CPDM Permanent Divisional Delegation for Menchum, Hon Nji Nji Fidelis, Menchum North MP, Hon Kum John Nji and so on.

Credit: Kah Patience


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