Youths Engage In Combatting Violence In Schools

Differentiating the difference between gender and sex was pertinent for the 50 participants who attended a youth led training on how to combat violence within the school milieu.

Drugs, GBV, and ways of prevention or responding to them was also key on the day's agenda, a youth led training organized by plan international.

"In secondary schools, universities, and other communities in the North West region, drug abuse is real." Bankui Frederick said.

Violence in schools is real with the consumption of drug being a major cause, this was an opinion of a participant Nfosi Pearri-Roswel, who saw this reoccurrent voilence as one of reasons to attend the training.

Laison Sylvie while facilitating a discuss on GBV made the participants realize that Gender are socially ascribed norms to an individual either male or female and sex could be seen as naturally ascribed norms to an individual be it male or female.

"I decided to attend this workshop because of challenges that we as youths face as drug abuse in the society, which is becoming rampant, there's alot of violence in our school milieu and I tried to get information on GBV".

"It is news that our schools are becoming very voilent and alot is happening, while we think that either violence in school is causing drug use or drug use is causing violence in school. The two need to go together so that they serve a way of handling one for the other."

A safe reporting mechanism is first of all safety for the students, it is expected that students feel safe when they want to report anything that concerns violence in schools.

Each school is expected to set up a safe reporting mechanism so that when students identify or sense something that can lead to violence in the school they would be able to report it freely and feel safe.

GBV is something that has been in the community for a very long time since organizations dedicated 16 days of activism each year to raise awareness on GBV, it's very important because of the effects this has on the survivor.

GBV is a very pertinent issue and many cultures turn to ignore because women are the primary survivors or those who are greatly affected by GBV and because of the misrepresentation of women in leadership positions.

It's very important for society to know how it affects women so that it can be addressed for a better tomorrow.

GBV doesn't only affect women it affects men aswell but women are most affected this is maybe because men don't speak up on the violence they face

Through the workshop youths were encouraged on entrepreneurship and discouraged from solely depending on the government.
Some functional consequences of getting addicted to alcohol and drugs include suicide, voilence, feeling of sadness, criminal Acts Including Homicides, absentism from work/ school, irritability, Respiratory illnesses , Difficulty to operate machinery and many more.

While the consequences of voilence include depression, Anxiety , stress disorder,suicidal thoughts, Reduced school/work attendance and voilence, which can be deadly. It is important for schools to work with parents and students to reduce voilence in school.

By Petronila Bamenjo

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