Ngaoundere: Municipal Councilors Installed

The ceremony, chaired by MINJEC was accompanied by the Secretary General of the Governor's services of the Adamawa region, on July 28, 2022 at the Ngaoundéré City Hall.

Minutes of a capacity building workshop for the Youth Municipal Councilors from the Ngaoundere I and III municipality was presented with over 62 of them mentioned to be keen and ready to participate in the development of their community.

They took part in the capacity building workshop in order to become Municipal Youth Councillors and this was a voluntary approach, supervised by experts from MINJEC. The dwelled on 4 modules which revolved around peace, volunteerism, leadership.

Mama Koulsoumy, representative of the Mayor of Ngaoundéré and also 1st Deputy Mayor was happy with the initiative of MINJEC which aims to participate in the development of young people at the local level. 

Information futher revealed shows that the Adamawa region represents 38% of the country's beef consumption. The Mayor pointed out the flaws that undermine the Youths of the region and requested the support of MINJEC in the establishment of the 1st Regional Youth Council.

According to her these will cause young people to be less idle and above all, participate in nation building.

Taba Nana Raïssa, one of the young municipal councilors installed thanked all the actors of the installation in particular MINJEC, Minddevel and the services of the Governor, for their commitment towards the youths in order to meet the challenges and face the development issues in Cameroon.

The municipal councilors trained are between 15 and 35 years old. The remarks of the Minister indicated that the training workshop which preceded their  installation was intended to make young people understand their participation in local development.

"Your one-year mission with the municipalities will be a period during which you will contribute through your experience, and exercise leadership skills by proposing projects under the authority of the municipality and the supervision of municipal execution", Mounouna Foutsou.

Emphasizing that they are all volunteers as they themselves have noted in their commitment.

Pictures: Communication Unit, MINJEC

Ndefru Melanie

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