Youth Affairs Minister visits, satisfied with beneficiaries of PARSE Project

Inline with entrepreneurial skills, Minister Mounouna Foutsou has expressed satisfaction with the achievements of beneficiaries on the Support Project for the Socio-economic Resilience of Youth in the Northern Regions of Cameroon (PARSE).

On October 4, 2022, the Minister was in the district of Mora, department of Mayo-Sava (far North region of Cameroon), near the border with Nigeria , to the visit of the achievements of the beneficiaries of the Support Project for the Socio-economic Resilience of the Young Regions of North Cameroon (PARSE). 

The Secretary General of the National Youth Council of Cameroon in Mora responsible for taking stock on the training received on conflict management, rolled out content on the training received from the trainers of GIZ and the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC).

Minister Mounouna Foutso then adviced in favor of the promotion of peace, solidarity, socio-economic activities, living together and social cohesion. Satisfied with this crossroads of living together organized in Mora during this guided tour of the companies of the young beneficiaries of PARSE in the locality of Mora, he touched on the achievements and products of the said companies and encouraged them. 

The fields of these companies are, among others: Services, Agriculture, Agro-Industry, NTIC, After Mora, The Minister headed for Mémé where Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU went to visit a company specializing in Office Automation called “Gazelle. Clean”. 

Gédéon AZALAWAI, Promoter of "Gazelle Net", fruit of PARSE II in Mora welcomed this initiative of Mnjec. "We salute the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic education that continues to help and encourage youths together with partners".

" We  are evolving together so that this scourge of unemployment in Cameroon and in the Mayo-Sava department in particular can be eradicated".

The Minister also visited the "Achabaka" Office Secretariat in Mémé whose promoter is Abba Mahaba. After touring the facilities of this structure, beneficiary of the PARSE I Project, Minister Mounouna Foutsou addressed the young people present, urging them to go to school in order to take charge of their destiny.

Communication Unit, MINJEC 


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