NW Local Population recieves Cleft care services from SmileTrain through Northwest Regional Assembly

SmileTrain, Northwest Regional Assembly in partnership agreement

SmileTrain in partnership with the Northwest Regional Assembly had a session to raise awareness on what the Cleft Lip/Palate care is all about, and how they could bring their services closer to Cleft care patients in the Northwest region.

Cleft palate is a common birth condition and can occur alone or as part of a genetic condition or syndrome. Children born with Cleft are not able to feed well.

Research has proven that it is a condition caused by a combination of genes and other factors, such as things the mother comes in contact with in her environment, or what the mother eats or drinks, or certain medications she uses during pregnancy.

SmileTrain Program Director, West, Central Africa

Doctor Nicole Bouba, SmileTrain Program Director for West and Central Africa talked about more than 800 cleft birth every year and they challenges SmileTrain is facing to reach her patients in the suburbs.

"Cleft birth is common, we are not able to reach all the patients because most of them are isolatated
because of descrimination, stigmatization. We have a certain number of Cleft birth but it is still difficult to reach these people".

"Our objective is to bring smiles to all those Cleft children, help them get sugeries. And if we are not able to reach these patients, our mission will not be met. We are here to leverage on the partnership with the Northwest region Assembly, to be able to reach many cleft patients in the Northwest region".

Bamenda City Mayor

City Mayor, Paul Achombang on the occassion of the official launching on the strategic partnership between SmileTrain and the Northwest Regional Assembly, was particular about the fact that the agreement will come to pacify the crisis situation in the region.

"With health care available in the region, many people will smile. This is a significant economic impact on the region. In order to successfully harness this partnership, it is important to think and act creatively to suit the needs of the people because this is a great opportunity for those with malfunctions, cleft problems", City Mayor.

President Northwest Regional Assembly

Prof Fru Angwafor, President of the Northwest Regional Assembly has launched activities in the framework of the Win-win agreement, described as the very first technical and financial humanitarian partnership in the region.

Both parties sign MoU

"It strengthens the committement between the Regional Assembly and the people of the region. Our collaboration is a blessing to the people of the Northwest region, it is healing our crisis stricken population in many ways. It strengthens the relationship between American donors and the people of our region. By your deeds your are a friend to the people of the Northwest in need", President of the Regional House of Assembly.

Providing funding, training, free cleft surgery and other forms of essential cleft health care is of utmost importance for both SmileTrain and the Regional Assembly.

NW Governor appreciates Partnership agreement

Northwest Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between SmileTrain and the Northwest Regional Assembly and encouraged both parties in their endeavours in providing Cleft care

SmileTrain is committed in strengthening health care services in Cameroon, where they have been operating since 2011 and has 10 partner hospitals in 7 regions of Caneroon.

New theatre in Mbingo Baptist hospital, launched in April 2021.

They are known for the provision for free and quality Cleft care health care services in the country, providing healthy and productive life for those who are born with Cleft Lip or Palate.

Major stakeholders in the Northwest Region, Regional Councilors

They have had more than 3000 surgeries in Cameroon, with the Cameroon Baptist Convention being one of their partners providing best Cleft care possible in the Northwest region and in Cameroon.

SmileTrain is the world's largest Cleft organization and their objective is to provide free cleft care to all these patients in the world. They are a cleft-focused organization with a model of true sustainability — providing training, funding, and resources to empower local medical centers.


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