International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) UK holds “Only Peace Conference”

Women who cooperate with IWPG to practice peace held it's "Only Peace Condlfeence in Old Street Gallery, London on March 25ty 2023 to find ways of Peace and practical answers aligning with the UN's mission

The UK is one of the 130 countries participating in the conference worldwide. International Women’s Peace Group's "Only Peace Conference", holds annually, to discuss and find a way to make this happen. The UN's mission  which is "Gender Equality today for a sustainable tommorow", is the objective on which the activity is based.

The 2023 IWPG's slogan reads "Strengthening Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace", with the aim of advancing Peace with over 3.9 billion women across the world.

In London alone, over 70 people attended the conference, which included moving speeches from keynote speakers with expertise in education, human rights law, and the media. 

“I think IWPG mission is extremely important — if we look at the stats today, to reach gender equality, we have 300 years to go,” said Dr. Gurpeet Kaur, who spoke about the importance of human rights law, especially the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, in protecting women and girls’ human rights at a global scale.

"It makes a lot of practical sense to unite everyone together and work as one.”

A representative from Soroptimist International also shared her views on the essential need for women’s unity to create change. 

“I was excited to see so many young people in the room who are interested in peace and what it means to create a peaceful society together, and the enthusiasm and willingness to actually commit to being peaceful and promoting peace,” said Roxanne St. Clair, member of Soroptimist International and Chair of the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund.

IWPG UK shared about its engagement with peace activities at international and national levels, as well as with civil society, including regular meetings with IWPG members called ‘Peace of Cake’. 

They also offer Peace Lecturer Training Education for women who want to learn more about peace values which are currently excluded from standard school curriculum.

Only Peace Conference participants had time to sign their support for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War with a desire for peace, and to register for peace lecturer training and IWPG membership. 

One attendee commented, “It is such a beautiful perspective to have of the world, to feel like you could be the agency for change and for peace. To see this group of women and men who really truly believe that, I find that really incredible.”

IWPG (International Women’s Peace Group) is a global NGO with special consultative status from the UN Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC). IWPG works toward its main vision of passing down a world of peace as a legacy to the future generation by uniting the women of the world. 

Amongst the participants of the IWPG UK meeting was Takussi Carine Shalo, the Diaspora Coordinator of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals.

It should be noted that last month, the IWPG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cameroon Association Of Media Professionals, CAMP.


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