Entrepreneurship: 50 young people boost import-substitution with innovative drinks!

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education chaired a capacity building workshop for 50 young people in the industrial production and distribution of hot drinks made from raw materials in Nkolnda

This is an innovative project which is part of the import-substitution dynamic driven by President Paul Biya to structurally transform the Cameroonian economy.

An innovative cluster to modernize Cameroonian liquor. It an experience to have ultra modern machines to distribute local hot drinks to 4 corners in Yaoundé.

This is a "Hit Drinks" Cluster initiated by the Ministry of Youth inn partnership with the company Neuf International Services Limited.

The objective was to install 50 young people in the production and distribution of drinks made from cocoa, coffee, tea and other local raw materials via the latest generation vending machines.

A way to modernize the artisanal processing of these emblematic Cameroonian local products while creating jobs for young people.

“This is a concrete response to modernize current practices of artisanal processing and consumption of our cocoa, coffee, tea which enliven our streets and constitute a real employment niche for our young people ,” MINJEC Boss.

Beyond innovation, this cluster is part of a logic of development of local agro-industrial value chains. Young producers of hot drinks installed in strategic sites such as administrations, businesses or crossroads, will work closely with local roasters, themselves supplied by Cameroonian producers of cocoa, coffee and tea.

A way of creating synergies between local actors to “boost priority sectors of agro-industrial development”, says MINJEC. All this while relying on the expertise of Neuf International which will provide equipment, technical assistance and market access to these young entrepreneurs.

With this virtuous model, Cameroon is taking a further step towards the development of “Made in Cameroon” and the local transformation of its agriculture.

Done at the Esplanade of the National Center for Popular and Civic Education which served as the setting for this celebration which marks the end of training for 50 young people on filling products, cleaning machines and presenting products.

It was in the presence of the representative of the mayor of Mfou and other authorities from the Center region that the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou.

However, the choice of young people to settle in this niche is part of a value chain logic in the cocoa-coffee sector.

This logic underlies the coordination of actors at various stages of placing a specific product on the market for well-identified customers.


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