Economy: Trade Minister's appraisal on stock availability in the markets ahead of the festive period

This is the conclusion that emerges following the visit made by the Minister of Commerce, on December 17, to certain warehouses in the city of Yaoundé.

Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana was accompanied by his collaborators from the national fraud control and repression brigade, and from the regional trade delegation of Center.

As a usual activity, with the approach of the end-of-year holidays, it is a question of ensuring the availability of stocks of food products for everyday consumption.

Thus, after visiting some warehouses in the city of Yaoundé on December 17, it emerged that consumers can remain calm, despite price volatility on the international market.

“This tour of the owner aimed to ensure the availability of consumer products, and to ensure that the prices of the products respect those decreed by the public authorities and economic operators. The first observation is that we can get out of oligopolies to achieve competition,” reassured the Minister of Commerce in his message of confidence to consumers.

Moreover, it was a question, not only of ensuring the availability, the accessibility of the products, but that no price fluctuation is observed on the markets. And in the premises of Mama Sarl, the Minister of Commerce and his retinue have also witnessed the arrival of a cargo of about 2000 bags of imported rice.

The food products concerned are mainly rice, flour, salt, vegetable oils, canned sardines and others. For his part, Mouhamadou Dahirou, general manager of Mama Sarl proposes “to take into account the requirements of the international market”.

"We reassure everyone that the products are in abundance, and in relation to the price approval, no problem arises," explains Mohamed, boss of Mount Cameroon, at the central market in Yaoundé, and whose store is crowded with products.

Already, we announce a zero tolerance against speculators, through the permanent presence of controllers on the markets, while in the markets, we find stocks in quantity, with diversified brands and affordable prices. As a good pedagogue, at each stage, the Minister of Commerce has always provided advice to traders so as not to find themselves in the meshes of the law.

But certain provisions should be respected, to be in line with trade regulations, and to make points of sale more visible to the general public. As in a warehouse located in the Nsam district, the Minister of Commerce insisted on the display of prices, and direct sales of products to housewives.



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